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Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute Co.,Ltd.Chemical Machinery Factory was whole transformed into science and technology enterprise group in September 1999 from Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute established in 1950, now is holding Subsidiary Companies of top 500 global Sinochem Corporation at 2008. We are intro-national high technology enterprise and national torch plan main high technology enterprise in Zhejiang, local science and technology enterprise unique having 2 national class centers in China, support organization of numerous provincial technical centers. Registered capital is RMB 135820000, covered area is 540000 square meter, including 11 researches, 7 holding subsidiary companies, 5 Equity Participation companies, achieved income RMB 11500 million at 2007, earn foreign exchange through export achieved USD 850 million, total assets of group company achieved RMB 1400 million, net assets achieved RMB 600 million.

Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute Co.,Ltd.Chemical Machinery Factory has strong scientific and technical development ability, now is using two dimensional CAD aided design£¬ three dimensional CAD design and finite element design. New products with advanced technology are developed continuously to meet market demand. Powder comprehensive test room and testing-analysis center are established.

Zhejiang Chemical Industry Research Institute CO.,Ltd.Chemical Machinery Factory is willing to provide high level scientific achievement¡¢high quality scientific product and good service for whole society. Welcome pure-hearted cooperation with domestic and foreign experts and enterprise people for creating beautiful tomorrow.

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